Age 55+ Active Adult…..Is Your Social Life In A Rut?

Today’s age 55+ adult is living many more years than in the past and wants to be active and involved. Gone are the days of sitting in a   rocking chair on the front porch or just playing bingo every Friday night.  Even so, you may feel that your social life is in a bit of a rut.  Are you feeling like you’re doing the same old things with the same old people?  Do you feel that your weekends need to be filled with some new people and things to do?

If your goal is to meet more people, new people or different types of people, you might consider taking a class or volunteering. These are great ways to shake up your activities and expose yourself to new ideas and new individuals. If you’re really feeling risky, take the class alone (or you can sign up with one of your friends) or volunteer some place completely different than you might have otherwise considered. There’s nothing like a total change of venue to open up your social opportunities.

Are you used to socializing with the same group of people and feel like your social life is in the doldrums?  Perhaps you can try  joining a new group and meeting all new people.  Maybe become a member of a socializing group that has activities you like.  Book club, walking group, visiting art museums, dining, the symphony….whatever you prefer. This is a good way to meet others who share your interests.

If the people with whom you socialize are looking pretty homogenous–that can get pretty boring also.  Especially if you’ve been hanging out with the same people for years or decades. Socializing with the people you work with or live near can be fun, but also might be too much time together. Or, if you are always the organizer and no one else seems to want to help plan activities- that gets old as well.  Consider making some new friends which can really spice up your social life and help you expand your world and experiences.

Above all, try new things- volunteer, join an activities group and try new restaurants, cultural venues in your area, day trips, longer weekends, maybe even take a vacation or group tour that you’ve been putting off. Just by looking around your community, you will likely find opportunities to shake things up and try new things. The more socially-involved these activities are, the more likely you are to meet new people and experience different sorts of social interactions.

By being open, creative, and adventuresome, soon you’ll feel as though your social life has been energized and invigorated. But, you’ve got to make the effort…. become proactive and get outside your typical routine!  It a takes a little effort, but is well worth it in the end!

Contributing Writer:  Kori Irons

Laura Kay House, MA, is the founder and owner of Silver Connections, located in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Silver Connections provides numerous socializing opportunities through events and travel, quality members and new connections for age 55+, active and single adults.